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Admission to L.K.G & U.K.G

Admission forms for admission to L.K.G.,U.K.G.,Academic Session 2016-17, for Boarder/Day Scholar are available at School reception between 10:00 AM – 03:00 PM on all working days or it can be downloaded from school website

Welcome to Police Modern School

Education according to Indian tradition is not merely a means of earning a living, nor it is only a nursery of thought or a school for citizenship. It is initiation into the life of spirit and training of human souls in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue. In this era of globalization – an age of diluting boundaries, there is a need to keep pace with the changing educational scenario. Education today should be such that children acquire and integrate knowledge, extend and refine it, think critically, use it meaningfully, integrate technology, understand cross culturalism, create multicultural links and work in teams. In short , education should be preparation for life. .

Message from Mr. Ashok Kumar Shukla (B.Sc.Phy. Hons.M.A.,M.Ed), Principal

Life And Time Are The World’s Best Teacher, Life Teaches Us The Use of Time And Time Teaches Us The Value of Life Read more